Multi Chrono Interval Stopwatch

For coaches we've developed an invaluable iPhone and iPad app for timing their athletes, especially adapated to swim and track coaches; the MultiChrono Interval Stopwatch.

The Multi Chrono Interval Stopwatch was designed for coaches wanting to time multiple athletes simultaneously in both training and racing. Geared towards swimming and track, the app can also be used in many other team disciplines. It features a scrollable list of up to 99 timers which can be started and stopped simultaneously or separately. Buttons allow you pause, stop, restart and mark laps for each separate timer. A calendar is provided for each different athlete where times can be saved and daily, weekly and monthly reports can be emailed for each single athlete.

You can find more information about it on the Multi Chrono Interval Stopwatch.

Runner's PaceCalc FM

Runner's PaceCalc is not just a simple pace calculator. Not only can you calculate your pace for any distance, but you can get an idea of the position you would have had in one of many past populars races such as the Berlin, Chicago, Florence, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Prague and Rome Marathons, Ironman World Championships and others.

See the Runner's PaceCalc FM website for more details.