Data Import/Export

can import and export data in various formats using various methods. Formats currently include Garmin .tcx, .gpx, SportTracks .fitlog, Polar .hrm/.pdd, .csv from Swimovate's PoolmatePro, and our own CSV definition. Data can be imported into the app using our built-in FTP server which accepts any of the formats. Garmin Connect users can import data directly from the website as explained on our page about Garmin Connect.

Some of the formats (.gpx, .tcx and .fitlog) can be imported using the iOS "Open..In" feature which allows you to open files and attachments from other apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, directly into . For example you could import a .tcx file from an Email by clicking on the attachment and then using the "Open..In" feature from the Email app.

You can export summary and detailed data from the app via email (.tcx, .gpx and out own csv format). A single day's activity, in .tcx, .gpx or .csv format, can also be sent to other apps capable of accepting these types of data via "Open..In".