In order to use , you must create a profile for at least one person. The name you fill in here will be shown when displaying the calendar for this person. You can change the name later on if you want.

An email address can optionally be filled in and will be used when using the email feature to send activity reports. If it is not filled in you will have to specify an address each time you send an activity report.

Distance Units determines how you want to view distances, speeds and paces in metric units or imperial units (miles/feet). This, too, can be changed at any moment.

Calendar Display Totals lets you decide how to display totals on the calendar.

If you chose Per Sport, a total (distance, time, calories, ascent) for each sport (space permitting) will be displayed.

If you chose Sum All, a single total (distance, time, calories, ascent) for all sports will be displayed.

Sports are used for displaying the name of your activity in the detailed view, for color-coding your activites in the calendar and for displaying an appropriate speed/pace unit for your sport; e.g. for running you are probably interested in minutes per mile or minutes per km, while biking mph or kmh.

For Polar users, sports are identified by the position of the sport as listed in Polar ProTrainer and in . For Garmin and SportTracks user sports are identified by matching the sport name with the Sports and Aliases you have defined in . See the Sports Configuration section for more information.

Sports cannot be added or modified until you have saved the profile.

To add a new sport, tap the "Add Sport" button on the bottom-left hand corner.

Tap on the the sport name to modify the sport; changing the name, the units used, or to add an alias.


  • Every user has 4 pre-loaded sports, "Running", "Cycling", "Swimming" and "Other".
  • You cannot delete Sports or Alias names, but you can rename them.
  • Sport names and aliases are recognized only during the transfer of activities. If you have added a sport or changed it's name, and have activities which reference this sport, you must transfer them again in order for the sport to be recognized.
  • See the Sports Configuration section for more information.